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Nomi Mahjong

With a geeky black color base, Nomi mahjong redesigned the traditional mahjong tiles to appear affable and high-tech-ish. Combining the traditional Chinese table game with Nomi, which is the warmest AI tide brand in the human world, gives the traditional national treasure mahjong a distinctive technological fashion. Inspired by the Nio intelligent assistant Nomi and the Nio brand color scheme, the design incorporates NOMI of various forms into the tiles.

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Divergence is a bilingual design thinking game kit to provide fun and easy way for entry-level learners and creative teams to pick up the process via an interactive, storytelling focused gameplay of about 1.5 hours. The game kit guides players to collaborate and compete to solve a user-centric challenge by practicing essential techniques. The game kit was created as card-based design available in physical and downloadable versions, along with supporting introduction videos.

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Bavvic are multifunctional, sensory, open-ended creative building blocks that help to engage children in a culture of learning through creative hands-on approach. Wooden building blocks with sensory silicon connectors are designed by architect. Bavvic carries attributes of a Steam (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mat) toy and aids in developing interest in education, through geometrical shapes and abstract forms. Bavvic encourages development across various skills, like: cognitive, motoric, spatial imagination, problem solving and decision-making, creative thinking and more.

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It is a deck of 50 abstract colourful, mysterious, mind bending cards with curious, thoughtful and fun questions which not only brightens your day, evening or trip (no matter where) but also pokes you inside and makes you think about the most unexpected aspects of life as a human being. 50 unique graphic compositions was created consistently and step by step adding figures that have same style and technic but various by its meaning and message that everyone sees differently and triggers different strings that brings associations unique to each person.

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HiYa! I am EMOK MAMOKI - unique double sided soft toy. I am made with organic cotton and hypoallergenic stuffing which gives you extra soft feeling. I am like 2in1. On one side I am a nice kid. I can put my hands into my pockets, you can hide there your little treasures...Do you wonder who is on the other side? If you help me I can change into a cheerful monster. Turn me inside out through my mouth gently and gradually pushing. I got a tail finished with lavender filled heart, and that smells really nice! Now, what is your name? Will you play with me?

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Small dogs

Unique is the sentiment which inspired the object and urged my instinctive creativity, my daughter’s desire for a dog. Normally, I put attention to the little things, little daily needs, little emotions, in this way I create healthy, pure and simple objects, aimed at the satisfaction of children and pleasantly useful for adults. Small Dog it’s not only a toy, or the concretization of a child's dreams: it’s so useful that it goes everywhere … walking… around the house.

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