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Makedo is a simple to use, open-ended system of tools for creative cardboard construction. The Makedo system comprises seven purpose-designed elements to enable children as young as four to safely cut, fold and connect cardboard with ease and independence. Makedo parts are sold in varying quantities from individual tools through to classroom kits. Creations made with Makedo can be any size depending on the cardboard supply and capability of the maker/s. From one person holding a small creation in their hand up to hundreds of people collaborating to build a football field sized maze.

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Drago is a modern collection based on a dragon figure. It was made for collecting. The detailed craftsmanship create a playful sensibility. The Drago is inspired by ancient Chinese dragon, each one is hand-painted and has different patterns. Carefully designed and produced to be perfect, creating an experience layered with surprises. Drago has become an iconic art platform to bring artistry to the public eye. If you’re into designer toys, dragons, animation or pop culture, then Drago will capture your heart.

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What if a toy can bring adults closer to children? Veggies is a set of toys designed for children between 2 to 5 years old, aiming to stimulate outdoor and group play. The goal is to enhance children's curiosity for exploring nature as well as their ability of socialization with other kids and adults. The standard set has 4 toy vegetables and 2 shovels (one kids-size, one adult-size) with 3 different interchangeable heads. Veggies stands out for promoting suitable and engaging play for children at a very wide and non-conventional range of age and not reinforcing gender stereotypes.

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A toy that doubles as two was our inspiration for creating our Kinderfeets Pram and Walker. Dutch designed and retro inspired. Made of birch wood and the sides are painted beautifully in soft white. Both a baby walker and pram, it’s the perfect walker to get babies comfortable taking their first steps. As baby perfects the trade of walking, you can easily remove the purple pegs, turning it into a pram.

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MoFU are transforming toys that are also brainteaser puzzles. Starting as identically shaped cuboids that slide out of boxes on drawers, each MoFU unfolds into a different kind of animal - pig, monkey, tiger, hippo, and giraffe. Each animal is its own character with cute and iconic features, but each is also a distinct puzzle. Folding a MoFU back into the correct cuboid shape so it can perfectly fit back into its box is a brainteasing challenge.

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Daedalus Maze

Daedalus Maze is a very addictive board game. The players go back to Ancient Greece. Ancient Gods and beasts in a spinning maze board game. Each player get 6 pawns and start with some cards at hand. The maze rotates and the walls are moving trying to get the treasure and get out first. Board has been designed in 3D representing a stone arena. The 68 cards of Gods, beasts and events have been designed in such a way to give players the atmosphere of Ancient Greek Mythology.

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