Calendar :ntt Comware “season Display” by Katsumi Tamura

Katsumi Tamura Discloses The Ntt Comware “season Display” Calendar

Katsumi Tamura, the author of the award winning design Katsumi Tamura's NTT COMWARE “Season Display” Calendar explicates, This is a desk calendar made with a cut-out design featuring seasonal motifs on exquisite embossing. The highlight of t <Cropped>

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Florian Gross & Kike Macías's Andamio Shelving System

Florian Gross & Kike Macías Demonstrates The Andamio Shelving System

Florian Gross & Kike Macías, the lead designer of the awarded design Shelving System by Florian Gross & Kike Macías explicates, The Andamio shelf, created by Florian Gross & Kike Macías, is a new way to organise and display your belo <Cropped>

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By Aprilli Design Studio

Aprilli Design Studio Shows The Urban Skyfarm

Aprilli Design Studio, the thinktank behind the award winning work - by Aprilli Design Studio demonstrates, The Urban Skyfarm is a vertical farm design proposal for a site located in downtown Seoul, which mainly hosts local food production and dist <Cropped>

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Old Photo Exhibition:first Photographs of Hong Kong by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Exhibits The First Photographs of Hong Kong Old Photo Exhibition

The maker of the awarded work First Photographs of Hong Kong by Acclaimed Designer explains, Flashlight indicator models were set to guide visitors to the entrance of the exhibition hall where a giant white camera model awaits. Standing in front of i <Cropped>

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Lobel by Gabriele Cappelletti

Gabriele Cappelletti Spotlights The Lobel Bookshelf

Gabriele Cappelletti, the thinktank behind the highlighted project Lobel by Gabriele Cappelletti illustrates, Lobel bookshelf stands out thanks to his essential and rigorous lines, combining elegance with functionality. Its square shape frames and <Cropped>

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Right Degree-Sleepwear by Dagsmejan

Dagsmejan Presents The Right Degree Sleepwear

Dagsmejan, the creative mind behind the awarded project Sleepwear by Dagsmejan explains, Sleepwear reinvented by Dagsmejan. Through functionally optimized sleepwear, we stay in the ideal climatic zone longer during the night, improving our sleep qual <Cropped>

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5g Router by Denis Orlenok & Deividas Juozulynas

Denis Orlenok & Deividas Juozulynas Discloses The Nft 3ac 5g Router

Denis Orlenok & Deividas Juozulynas, the project leader of the award winning project NFT 3AC by Denis Orlenok & Deividas Juozulynas explains, High security router designed to be used both in public and private inner spaces. Elegant form of <Cropped>

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Lance Smith's Atto Primo Restaurant

Lance Smith Shows The Atto Primo Restaurant

Lance Smith, the author of the highlighted project Atto Primo - Restaurant by Lance Smith says, Yum! Brands welcomes their first high-end Italian dining restaurant, Atto Primo, in Shanghai. Inspired by Italian theatre, diners sit on softly lit dini <Cropped>

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The Woonkis-Toy by Pablo Saracho and Mayte Ruiz De Velasco

Pablo Saracho and Mayte Ruiz De Velasco Exhibits The The Woonkis Toy

Pablo Saracho and Mayte Ruiz de Velasco, the maker of the award winning work Toy by Pablo Saracho and Mayte Ruiz de Velasco illustrates, The Wonkis are a family of wooden and magnetics figurines. The objective was to create a wooden toy that could mo <Cropped>

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Multifunctional Shelf by Köllen Design

Köllen Design Illustrates The Köllen Bookshelf Multifunctional Shelf

Köllen Design, the creative mind behind the awarded work Multifunctional shelf:Köllen Bookshelf by Köllen Design spells out, Kollen Bookshelf is a shelf created from the repetition of adaptable pieces in matter of size and shape of the objects on <Cropped>

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